Gaming Malta - IIM Business Consultants
Gaming Malta - IIM Business Consultants
Financial Consultancy Services

We understand that our customers’ ability to mature in an environment of evolving business needs is a main priority. As a result, our financial consultancy services aim to expand our customers’ financial choices by offering guidance and consultancy to improve the bottom-line.

Key Services
Incorporation Services
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Accounting Services
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Back-office Services
Our Back office services are those activities and services of an administrative... READ MORE >
Back-office Services
Our Back office services cover:

  • Legal Services Provisioning
  • Business Advisory Services
  • Facilitation of International Business
  • VAT Compliance
  • Routine administration services
  • Book-keeping
  • Credit Control
  • Business correspondence
  • Information and data processing
  • IT Outsourcing

Back office services specifically exclude services which are professional in nature and which require a warrant, or a licensed control or authorisation under the various financial services legislation.

A back office management company established in Malta may provide such services to both financial and/or non-financial services related companies, whether resident in Malta or not.

Such service providers are required to have a physical presence in Malta which entails a fixed place of business. Preferably, employing Maltese staff.