Business Consultancy Services Malta - IIM Business Consultants
Business Consultancy Services Malta - IIM Business Consultants
Why Malta?
Key Services
Incorporation Services
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Accounting Services
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Back-office Services
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Socio Political Make-up

Malta has a stable economy, well oriented internationally credit rating agencies rate Malta highly. The World Markets Research Centre has rated Negligible Overall Risks.

Maltese Law is based on the code Napoleon and European and English law. Legislation is drafted in Maltese and English and proceedings in court may also be carried out in English. Malta has a low crime rate and is a safe country to live in.

Maltese and English are the official languages of Malta. English is the language of education and business. German, French, Spanish and Arabic spoken at a lesser degree. Translations widely readily available. Italian is widely spoken.

Malta has a high standard of education with round 20,000 students attending the university or tertiary education institutions.